About Us

Ravens are Very interesting creatures. They are the only North American bird scientifically proven to fly for the sheer joy of flying. They are well known pranksters and are known to play tricks on other animals and people alike. They are also considered the most intelligent bird of all. A very interesting creature indeed.

At Blue Raven Artist Management there are a few simple rules.

1. Have fun! Playing music, putting on a show, and attending a show are all exciting and fun things to do, We want to remember that and make the experience enjoyable for everyone, (Fly for the fun of it)

.2. Treat the artist, buyers, and fans with respect, after all we really work for you. Everyone’s input is important and we answer every e-mail as well as attend hundreds of shows each year to keep our perspective fresh and keep up with the progress of our artist, we always take an active interest in your career.

3. Work smart! We use our 15 years of marketing experience to help guide our artist careers.

The most important thing is this WHAT IS IT THE ARTIST WANTS TO ACCOMPLISH? Not every artist has the same goal so it is up to us to listen to what they want.. what they really want from their music career.
We offer many services to our artist not available from a normal booking/ management agency. We have the ability to Produce merchandise, help with marketing products, create artwork for cd cover, posters, handbills and many other creative aspects of the business. We are also ready to use the industry contacts we have developed over the years to promote the artist we work with to the fullest of our ability. From local artist on the rise to national acts on the move we are ready to make things happen for you.

Thanks Sean D. Gilday.

100 Rt. 46 East Suite B01
Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046
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