Illusionist Rick Thomas

Few entertainers have succeeded in Vegas like Rick Thomas. His show has run consecutively for 15 years in Las Vegas, performing a staggering 600 shows a year.

Rick Thomas now tours performing the most intriguing and innovative grand illusions in the world with a style unlike any other magical entertainer. His stage presence is unmatched as he weaves magic, music and dance into a seamless spectacle.

At the age of five, Thomas, whose family was already active in ballroom dancing, began teaming with his sister, Tamara, in ballroom dance competitions. Hard work earned them the title of Amateur United States Ballroom Dancing Champions while in their teens. The lessons he learned such as dedication, practice, perseverance, winning and losing would later help him in his pursuit of success as an entertainer.

Thomas embarked on his magic career at the age of 7. By the age of 18, Thomas was performing his own production at the Disneyland Hotel, which ran for 2 years.

Following Disney, Rick embraced the cruise industry and performed on over 300 cruises. Thomas’ ability to perform in a variety of settings also brought him success at over 50 major expositions and fairs across the United States and Canada.

Now after 5 world tours and performing in over 50 countries, Rick Thomas prepares to take his mastery of special effects and the art of magic to an extraordinary new level.



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