The FLOYD Experience - The Ultimate U.S. Tribute to the Music of Pink Floyd

The FLOYD Experience, is a celebration of the legendary career of the progressive rock band
Pink Floyd. This 90-minute production features precise musical renditions of some of their
signature songs, along with an impressive light show that includes complex synchronized
lighting movements, multiple laser displays. The show is crafted to engage both younger and
older generations—providing fans of all ages an opportunity to relive the creative genius of Pink
Floyd that produced an incredible spectrum of music over a period of nearly 50 years!

The 9-member band features all of the musical and theatrical elements that were critical to Pink
Floyd’s historic success. The vocal focus of the group emulates the quality and energy of two
of Pink Floyd founders – David Gilmore and Roger Waters, while the female vocalists provide
the signature harmonies and soulful arpeggios that made the band famous in the 1970’s. The
band incorporates multiple guitarists utilizing electric, acoustic and classical guitars including
Pink Floyd’s distinctive lap steel. Two keyboardists provide the orchestral foundation of the
original band’s unique sound, and a solid rhythm section of percussion and electric bass
underlies the overall production. Finally, the characteristic saxophone rounds out the ensemble
with the unique solo punctuations that highlight many of their hit songs.

In addition to the detailed vocal and instrumental techniques, the production is accompanied by
a fully automated light show, complete with numerous computer synchronized autonomous
lighting fixtures, including multiple moving lasers all designed to precisely enhance the overall
musical performance.

In addition, the production extensively utilizes colorful video projections to establish a striking
visual context for each musical sequence.The FLOYD Experience provides one of the most
accurate interpretations of the Pink Floyd experience available. Much care is taken by each
member of the band and the supporting lighting and audio professionals to recreate the historic
Pink Floyd experience and make it available for your enjoyment!



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