The Justin Panigutti Band

Throughout the course of my musical career, I have learned three life lessons that continue to instruct and direct my actions, as I navigate the ever-changing waters of life:

Music is and always will be my home. Be it a garage, vehicle, stage, field, porch, kitchen line… No matter what we do or where we go, music follows us. So, I guess I’m always at home. Music and its frequency is extremely powerful. It can, and will, change the world for the better. Not on some cheesy, hippy-dippy level, in reality. No doubt.

I am deeply humbled to be a part of the musical community to which I call home. So long as there is good music and ample love in the world, I have nothing to fear. Drawing from this knowledge, I am committed to creating and performing music with feeling. If you can’t feel the music, then you’re just hearing things. Whether leading a big band, my own band or performing a solo show, I am always at home knowing I am on stage with all my friends.

Every performance I take on is a true depiction of me and my craft and how I connect with my fellow musicians and audiences.



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