Multiplatinum recording artists Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, the twin brothers behind the iconic music group NELSON, embody the enduring legacy of America’s most extraordinary show business family. As third generation entertainers, they continue the traditions of excellence and integrity that have characterized their family for over 120 years.

From the moment they burst onto the scene with their self-penned debut album, “After The Rain,” Matthew and Gunnar Nelson captivated audiences with their striking good looks and trademark long blonde hair. However, it was their exceptional songwriting and commercially savvy rock sound that catapulted them to stardom, solidifying their status as third-generation torchbearers of the Nelson family legacy. In a remarkable achievement, their hit single “(I Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection” secured the Nelsons’ place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the only family in history to achieve number one record status in three successive generations.

Throughout their illustrious career, Matthew and Gunnar have continued to impress with their songwriting prowess and electrifying performances.  They have written and performed one number one and five top 10 singles, garnered four number one MTV videos, sold over five million records, and enthralled millions of fans across the globe with their magnetic stage presence. Their talent extends far beyond the music industry, as they have proven themselves to be multifaceted entertainers, savvy entrepreneurs, and ambassadors of unwavering positivity and resilience.

Born into the iconic Nelson family, whose matriarch and patriarch were none other than actress Harriet Nelson and bandleader Ozzie Nelson, Matthew and Gunnar were destined for greatness. Their father, the legendary Ricky Nelson, rose to prominence as one of the most influential rock artists of the ’50s and ’60s and is considered the Godfather of country rock, selling over 100 million albums and earning a well-deserved place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Matthew and Gunnar’s musical journey began at the age of five, honing their vocal, bass, and drum skills by playing originals in the hayloft above their parents’ Studio City California farm. Inspired by their father’s success with his classic song “Garden Party” and the vibrant California country rock movement at the time, the twins dedicated their lives to music. At just 12 years old, they began recording their own material, and fearlessly took to the stages of the cutthroat L.A. punk and new wave club scene as part of the punky power-pop trio, The Strange Agents. Their concert career was born: two kids cutting heads with musicians twice their age like The Knack, The Go Go’s, and X. 

In the face of tragedy, Matthew and Gunnar persevered and emerged stronger than ever. Mere months after their father’s untimely death in a plane crash, their then-band, The Nelsons, made history as the first and only unsigned act to perform as the musical guests on TV’s Saturday Night Live. At 18, Gunnar traded his drumming duties for the guitar, embracing a more active role in the band and blossoming into a proficient guitarist and fluent co-frontman. That pivotal decision to move up front with his twin brother was the turning point they needed both sonically and visually.  Guided by writing and production mentor John Boylan (Boston/Linda Ronstadt), the duo immersed themselves into refining their songwriting skills and developing their signature sound. The resulting NELSON sound coalesced a unique blend of rock attitude, pop hooks, country lyrics, and brother harmonies that has resonated with audiences globally for three decades.



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