Into The Floyd - The International Pink Floyd Tribute Show

Into The Floyd brings alive the music of Pink Floyd by performing an authentic and diverse catalogue of the band’s music all the way from their earliest material in 1967 to their final album in 2014.

Featuring an international lineup of multi-instrumentalists from Scotland, Ireland, Russia and the United States, the band emulates the experience of a live Pink Floyd concert with lighting and visuals weaving through the sonic tapestry of the Floyd soundscape.

While being able to perform note-perfect renditions of the band’s studio recording, Into The Floyd also takes pride in re-creating classic live versions of the band’s tracks and will often create compelling hybrid editions of their own. Any die-hard fan will be happy to hear a number of deep tracks while the casual listener will recognize their favorite FM hits.

Into The Floyd doesn’t just aim to please every fan in the audience but instead to lure them into a suspension of disbelief where they are experiencing a true Pink Floyd concert.



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