HYPROV: Improv Under Hypnosis

Fresh from a 12-week off- Broadway run at the Daryl Roth Theatre in New York City, HYPROV – created by improv comedy legend Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway?), and master hypnotist extraordinaire Asad Mecci – has been described as “hilarious and fascinating” by Time Out New York and “catnip for those who relish spontaneity and informality” by The Wall Street Journal.  The New Yorker Magazine said, “say yes to HYPROV!”

The 100-minute live show (which includes improvised music throughout as well as an original score by Rufus Wainwright) combines hypnosis and improv – two art forms that have entertained and mystified fans, skeptics, and everyone in-between all over the world – for a fresh and totally unique comedy experience that The Times of London declared “a celebration of the human imagination.”

HYPROV begins with an expert hypnotist welcoming 20 volunteers (and we do mean volunteers) on stage to be hypnotized – a hilarious process all on its own. The group is then hysterically and methodically pared-down to the 5 or 6 best “Hyprovisors” who remain on stage.  They are joined by a world-class improviser to create a pop-up improv troupe extravaganza that performs the rest of the show totally under hypnosis!

Past shows have starred Asad Mecci, Colin Mochrie, Stephanie Courtney (“Flo” from the Progressive Insurance commercials), Jonathan Mangum (Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, Let’s Make A Deal with Wayne Brady), Barrett Foa (NCIS: Los Angeles, Broadway’s Godspell, Avenue Q, Mamma Mia!), and Jeff Hiller (Upright Citizens Brigade, American Horror Story: NYC, Somebody Somewhere).

In the hands of two masters of their craft, and solely created from the Hyprovisors uninhibited, subconscious minds, each show is an entirely original and completely unforgettable theatrical experience. Amidst the hypnotized volunteers, the laughter, and the chaos, who knows where the unconscious mind might go! Come and see for yourself what could – and probably will – go wrong…!!!



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