Catapult - The Magic of Shadow-Illusion

An America’s Got Talent finalist, Catapult is a magical production that features incredible dancers who work behind a screen to create shadow silhouettes of shapes from the world around us.  With the arc of an arm, the point of a toe or the twist of a torso, Catapult’s dancers stretch their bodies, and your imaginations, telling stories with humor and pathos by transforming magically from one shape to another. See Vivaldi’s Four Seasons spring to life, be amazed as you watch their bodies transform into a mountain, an elephant, a dragon even a helicopter, and travel the world from Paris to Beijing in under 10 minutes! Animated by the dancers’ shadows, every cinematic scene in Magic Shadows is a kaleidoscope of colorful storytelling that will awe and astound you. A great show for all ages – full of laughs, emotions and miraculous transformations.  You will leave a Catapult performance astonished and dazzled, and you will never look at your own shadow the same way again!

Booking packages can include residencies, educational outreach, and school shows. Show travels self-contained.



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