The Scott Weis Band has become the Tri-state areas new buzz. To take a quote from the classic 70s tune, Stop! Hey - whats that sound? Everybody look whats going round. Most people wonder when they hear them how come I have not heard of them before? As we dig deeper we start to see that we may have seen or heard them over the past twenty years professionally working with many true legends of all styles of music. Well the stars must have been right here as the saying goes, All three members born the same year is the result of a magical union.

The Scott Weis Bands first CD Have a Lil Faith shows this magical union 12 tracks showing of there diverse musical history makes for the most unique blend of soul, blues and rock. SWB 2nd Cd Tryin' To Get Back establishes the band as a true Blues Rock Power Trio, a Cd that represents the bands raw live energy,with a Lil good olde soul. Both CD's were recorded at the renowned local studio Mix-O-Lydian in Lafayette, New Jersey, all tracks were recorded live to 2" tape, leaving no room for error. Recording a live Cd is the hardest says Scott Weis, but we had experience and confidence on your side witch sometimes makes magic. "To see the Scott Weis Band live is a whole other experience, I have not seen a musical union like this in years their musical bond is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin or Cream." Kate Walter, Freelance Writer Members include Robert Kopec Bass guitar, Roger Voss drums and Scott Weis Guitar, lead vocals and Harmonica." Scott Weis sings with the passion reminiscent of Joe Cocker, Otis Redding. John Sopel Village Voice Scotts guitar playing is a tasteful blend fusion and raw electric blues. Ron Delmare Rhythm and blues review Robert Kopecs Bass playing is amazing reminiscent of Jaco Pastorios or James Jamerson.

Vincent Scott, Sleepy Lodge Records Roger Vosss Drumming is a cross between the power of John Bonham and the subtleties of Steve Gadd. Don Sternecker "The Blend of these three is blues rock magic."Don Sterneker Scott and crew Have put their time in as a working musicians for many and opened shows for artist's from J.R. Well's, Jerry Garcia,Nusrat Fata Ali Khan ,Blues Traveler Little Feet The Night Hawks and many others,many different style's, For many years. Scott and crew found a home fusing many of his influences into blues rock. " This band smokes." To see Scott play live is a expeirence,This soft spoken guy ripps his heart out of the guitar and sings with a voice that can sing raw blues ,down home soul, or a great ballad, truly amazing . I once asked Scott why is it that when you play, you have this energy that takes over a room? "For me playing is a spiritual thing and when I get up and play I am in a trace like state. You gotta feel it deep down or you dont stand out." The Scott Weis Band does not just stand out they TAKE OVER